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:-ARGH-: i just hate myself

here the current weight: 77,1 kg

i looked in the mirror and i seemed to get smaller ... now i look in the mirror and see a huge whale !!! i´ve got to get rid of these fat layers around me !!!

goal: next monday i´ll weigh myself again (it just ruins my day), the weight goal will be 74,1 kg. it´s doable.

so my goals for the next weeks:

week 1: 74,1

week 2: 72,1

week 3: 70,1

week 4: below 70

week 5: 69,1

week 6: 68

that´s 9 kg in 6 weeks. i know i can do it !!

i just hate myself so much, i sweat all the time, it´s nice outside and i have to hide my fat body under layers and layers of clothing, of course i sweat even more, i just hate it !!!!!!

oh, and major binge today ... MAJOR !!! i had 400 g sweets (total of 1200 cals + 10 popsicles) and i´m still not done ... good for me that i have to meet some friends to get some work done, i could binge on for like a few hours, even though i feel really full.

beginning with tomorrow i´ll fast, allowed only: milk, coffee, coke light, water. once a day i can put some sugar in my coffee. that´s all - until i weigh 75 kg. then i´ll continue with eating veggies, fish, fruits and chicken.


26.5.08 16:41

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